Eye Urban TV

Conceptualized in 2007, EYEURBANTV.COM began as a revolutionary concept and idea sparked by the advent of Internet Broadband technology. With the ability to reach the masses through websites, social media marketing and media, the company’s founder Andre Williams linked up with Albricka Gordon and officially launched December 2009 with the intent to establish the very FIRST Internet Broadcasting Network.



EYEURBANTV.COM was virtually a new idea that experienced many growing pains, challenges and changes over the years. Through hard work and due diligence, EYEURBANTV has ingrained itself in the South Florida Community as a viable source for Visual Media & Internet Broadcasting. The company also prides itself on being able to provide affordable Video Production and Visual Media marketing Services.

Since its inception, EYEURBANTV.COM has interviewed celebrities like Grammy nominated R & B Singer Anthony David, Grammy Award Winning Singer Mya, Kandi Burruss of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Comedian George Wilborn of the Michael Baisden Show, Actor Christian Keyes, and R & B Legend Betty Wright to name a few. Some of EYEURBANTV.COM’s prestigious clients include The Greater Miami Convention Visitors & Bureau, The Black Hospitality Initiative, and Consortium for a Healthier Miami Dade, and Circle of One Marketing, marketing management for the mega Jazz in the Gardens festival of Miami Gardens.
EYEURBANTV.COM continues to strive towards becoming the #1 Internet Broadcasting and Video Production Company in the nation producing their very own independent shows and providing a platform for local exposure to the community. With shows in the works such as “What’s Good in the Hood?” EUTV News, Midtown, The Making of EYEURBANTV, and Working men’s Wives of Miami, EYEURBANTV.COM will one day function as the first Internet broadcasting Network in every major US City that operates much like a television station online and through mobile applications.
Our Motto is simple:

EYEURBANTV.COM, using our EYE to capture everyday people like you and I who work hard, play hard, and dream big on our Internet Broadcasting Network.”

Our Three Divisions:

ENTERTAINMENT- Our Entertainment Division is comprised of all forms of Visual Media. We film our own Web shows, Web series, Interviews, and Films & Broadcast them for your viewing pleasure on our Internet Broadcasting Network.

EXPOSURE- Our Exposure Division Offers Opportunities for everyday individuals like you and I to be seen. We offer our cameras, creativity, and vision to breathe life into your project, career, or business. All of which can be Broadcast right here on our Internet Broadcasting Network. With our aggressive social media marketing and advertising campaigns, you are sure to be noticed by our loyal followers and viewers.

PRODUCTION – Our Production division covers various services that we offer to consumers such as Video Production, Photography, Brand Development, and other Visual Media Services. You name it, we can produce it. See “Our Services” page for more details.